22kHz switch satellite receiver

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  • High quality alloy material with nickel-plated
  • Excellent quality component, professional circuit design and low loss
  • 0/22KHz signal through professional circuit processing, compatible with more types of satellite receiver
  • Select one of two satellite signals from 0/22KHz signal
  • Use a coaxial cable to connect and control the satellite signals


  • Frequency Range: 950-2400(MHz)
  • Insertion Loss: 3(dB)
  • Isolation: 20(dB)
  • Return Loss: 8(dB)
  • Normal Working Voltage: 12-20(V)
  • DC Power Consumption: 10(mA)
  • DC Max Power Passing: 500(mA)
  • Impedance(all ports): 75(Ω)
  • Connectors:“F”type female

Package Includes:

  • 1 piece 0/22KHz LNBF Multi Switch


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