Bosch Wireless Remote Key Kit : WE800EV2 RF Arming Kit

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Bosch Wireless Remote Key Kit : WE800EV2 RF Arming Kit

Brand : BOSCH

Model  : WE800EV2 RF Arming Kit

Suitable for Bosch Solution 2000/3000 and 880 Control Panels

Description :

Bosch Wireless Remote Key Kit : WE800EV2 RF Arming Kit: The WE800EV2 RF Arming Kit is designed to provide a convenient ON/OFF control for the Solution 2000/3000 and 800 Series alarm panels. Provision is also made for the control of up to two (2) external devices via on board relays

Installation and Set up

1. Remove small knockout in the Solution TM panel for antenna and insert the supplied rubber grommet.
2. Install WE800V2 PCB in panel with top of PCB in the slot provided at the top of the case and secure with the provided screw at the bottom of PCB.
3. Install antenna wire through grommet into the “ANT” terminal.
4. Connect the 3 pin plug to JP3 in the panel. Note that the connector will only install one way. If the relays are to be used a wire will need to be connected from the +12V terminal on the WE800V2 to a +12 terminal in the panel.
5. The supplied fobs are already learned to the WE800V2 with both relays set for momentary operation. If however a different relay set up is required then the fobs will need to be deleted and learned again as below.

TO DELETE FOBS – Press and hold the Learn/Delete switch. Note that the LED will light and then extinguish after 4 seconds. The EEPROM memory is now erased. Individual fob deletion is not possible.

TO LEARN FOBS – Press the Learn/Delete switch once. Note that the LED will flash rapidly. Now press the button on the FIRST fob to be learned corresponding to the relay functions required (see below). The LED will come on solid whilst receiving the transmission and then flash once to confirm learning. Repeat for additional fobs (maximum 21). It is not important which button is pressed on fobs learned after the FIRST as the relay functions are set by the FIRST learned fob

Feature :

  • Simple installation
  • Code hopping RF security
  • Super heterodyne receiver (less interference)
  • Robust attractive key fobs
  • Two onboard programmable relays

Package Includes :

1 x Wireless Remote Key Kit WE800EV2

Warranty : 24 Months


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