Log Periodica-Digital TV Aerial Antenna

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Log Periodica Antenna designed for Australian conditions

Log Periodica Antenna designed for Australian conditions This outdoor TV antenna has been designed for Australian conditions. The log-periodic 32-element design receives digital and analog signals in the VHF and UHF bands, for commercial (free-to-air) channels. It’s pre-mounted with an ‘F’ connector jack, so you can simply plug in an antenna cable between the antenna and your TV. Includes RG-6 “twist-on” fittings for terminating your antenna cable and a weather-resistant rubber boot to seal the connection between cable and antenna. Also includes a U-bolt for mounting to a mast.

The log periodic antenna was initially developed by Dwight E. Isbell, Raymond DuHamel who published a paper in 1957 later additional variants were made by Paul Mayes. The concept of the log periodic antenna was patented by the University of Illinois in the USA.

The log periodic dipole array, LPDA is generally able to operate over a frequency range of around 2:1 and provide forward gain over a dipole.

Like the Yagi antenna it exhibits forward gain and has a high front to back ratio, but the LPDA is able to operate over a much wider bandwidth and will have a lower gain for an equivalent number of elements.

In operation the radiation pattern of the LPDA design remains broadly the same over the whole of the operating band. In addition to this parameters like the radiation resistance and reflected power as indicated by the standing wave ratio.

In terms of its specification a typical log periodic antenna might provide between 3 and 6 dB gain over dipole for a bandwidth of 2:1 while retaining an VSWR level of better than 1.3:1. With this level of performance it is ideal for many applications, although a log periodic antenna will be much larger than a Yagi of equivalent gain.

Antennas are generally sold without the mast (the vertical pole), because different mast styles are required depending on where you are mounting the antenna (eg: gutter mount, roof mount). Note that if you are upgrading an existing antenna, you won’t need a new mast. You can simply attach this antenna to the existing mast with the included U-bolt.

  • Frequncy Rang: 174-230Mhz
  • Channels: ch.5-12
  • Impedance: 75‎Ω
  • NO.OF elements: 16
  • Antenna Gain: 6-13dBi
  • Front-back: 13-18dB
  • Beam width H/V : H70°/V120°
  • Antenna: 1211mm
  • Frequncy Rang: 470-790Mhz
  • Channels: ch.21-60
  • Impedance: 75‎Ω
  • NO.OF elements: 16
  • Antenna Gain: 11-13dBi
  • Front-back: 13-18dB
  • Beam width H/V : H39°/V54°
  • Antenna: 1211mm


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